There is now a huge amount of research showing the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation.  It has been shown to:

           -  reduce stress

           -  improve our concentration and memory

           -  develop thinking creatively and flexibly

           -  and even build more brain cells. 

It also has a range of emotional benefits:  

           -  increases our positive emotions

           -  builds empathy and emotional intelligence

           -  makes us less anxious, and more accepting of ourselves and others

           -  and leads to better relationships.  

But have you ever wondered how?  There really is science behind it.



We spend time and money looking after our physical health.

But what about managing stress which impacts on both mental and physical health?

That is equally important.

Start looking after yourself today!



Read the articles to learn what Mindfulness and Meditation are, and understand the science of what is actually happening in your brain when you meditate, and why it is so effective that even companies are implementing it in the workplace.


Listen to this guided session to experience a combination of Mindfulness and more traditional types of Meditation and enjoy the benefits yourself. What meditation is, and some of the science of what is happening in your brain and body as you meditate, is explained along the way.


Attend a retreat to learn and practice mindfulness and meditation. Instill some calm and tranquility into your life.